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Our Connected Humanity

It seems a situation that comes close to the root of being human: one person needs something; another provides it. But giving and receiving are seldom so simple as that, on either small or large scale.

Groberg Films will produce a three-part, six-hour mini-series about philanthropy and humanitarian efforts around the globe that work. As the world village both grows and shrinks, the programs will illuminate our interconnected humanity, showing how individuals can tether themselves together to raise up the whole human family. ~January, 2019

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Root's Of Knowledge-
Man's Enduring Quest

Produced by award-winning filmmaker Lee Groberg and written by Ken Chowser, an award-winning independent writer and staple for PBS Television programming. The script for hour one of episode one has been written. The second hour of this two-hour work is in progress and will be completed in June, 2016.

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Messiah Messiah_box
Handel's Messiah

Handel's MESSIAH is a 90-minute special for BYU TV by filmmaker Lee Groberg, Groberg Films and executive producers, Derek Marquis and Scott Swofford. Narrated by Jane Seymour.

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The Legacy Films Foundation, a Utah-based, 501 (c) (3) foundation, will receive the production funds and allow the donor, full tax benefits of a public charity.

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